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Friday, 17 October 2014

The art of planning ....

So it's the end of the week (thank God!!). Opening my fridge there is a random mix of food ... So I need to get creative and think of economic ways to use everything in my fridge and cupboards before I have to go shopping again. This is especially the case when you are cooking for one and the fresh food goes off extremely quickly. Additionally, being a uni student means I am always broke so I'm putting off going shopping for as long as possible!

At the moment on my shelf in the fridge there are; peppers, hummus, spinach, carrots, milk, bananas, eggs, kiwis and yoghurt. There is also jars of green pesto and Moroccan tagine paste (a lifesaver for transforming a bland meal). My cupboard has the basics such as tinned tomatoes, red lentils, pasta and rice. So using these ingredients I have to create as many meals as possible! By planning meals now it means that I use the ingredients - saving money, eat healthily and don't have the added stress of thinking about what I am going to eat.

The dinner menu for the next couple of days is:
  • Pesto pasta with roasted peppers
  • Carrot Risotto with hummus
  • A pepper filled with carrot risotto
  • Spinach filled omelette
  • Red lentil soup

That's me sorted until Tuesday ...

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