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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Humingbird Bakery

Humingbird Bakery
Today I went into London. I saw the Christmas lights along Oxford street, the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, the beautiful window displays in Selfridges and best of all I visited the Hummingbird Bakery, as I am hoping Santa might bring me their cookbook!

The window was filled with a grid of boxes hanging from the ceiling and each box had a different cupcake inside. Most importantly everything inside the shop looked delicious! Apon entering the bakery it was like heaven with cakes, cupcakes, whoopie pies and rocky roads on display. The walls of the shop are painted brown with bright pink cupboards. The displays were very simple, with cakes on elegant glass cake stands and the cupcakes displayed on baking trays. But the window display was a different story.

I was though a little disappointed with the flavours of the cupcakes, as they were very simplistic and there was nothing that I thought was special or exclusive to the hummingbird bakery. They had cakes such as red velvet, vanilla, chocolate and some plain vanilla cakes with Christmas decorations. I was expecting a few more eccentric flavours or christmassy flavours such as a mince pie cupcake.

From the array of delicious treats I choose the red velvet cupcake. The store packaged the cupcake in a cute Chinese takeaway sought of box and stuck a hummingbird bakery sticker on top. I thought that this was a brilliant idea, as putting a cupcake with frosting in a paper bag wouldn't work well!

Even though the cake was simple it still tasted pretty good! After my lovely visit I was inspired to create my own christmassy creations. I thought that I would stick with the vanilla cupcake and focus on the decorations.

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