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Sunday, 6 July 2014

A week in Rome

I can't believe that a whole week has gone by. 

I'm sitting in a really cute cafe in 'la zona di Monti' with a croissant and cappuccino - a perfect start to a Sunday morning! There is a mouthwatering display of pastries and relaxing (English) music playing. Monti was once a slum area but now it is a hip neighbourhood with lots of craft shops, funky cafés and restaurants. The streets are all cobbled with no road markings making it extremely quaint. I love to wonder through this distract as around every corner there is something new and there is barely any chain shops. 

This week I have focused on my language course and living like a roman so haven't 'discovered' much of Rome, as such. But I've enjoyed actually living in an apartment in Rome, commuting to school, going home for lunch and then returning to school. Also other things like having drinks on the Isola di Tiberina, or watching the sunset over Rome, or going out for dinner in Trastevere, or going to the beach...

But now it's time for Phase 2 of the adventure in Rome ! Wish me luck :)

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