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Monday, 8 September 2014

S is for Square Colosseum

About 20 mins outside the centre of Rome is a district called EUR. It was built in the early 1940's by Mussolini (who was a fascist leader of Italy from 1925 - 1943) and therefore the whole area has the same eery building style, with it's trademark white marble. All the buildings are extremely large and therefore overpowering and intimidating. 

One building is particular is knick-named the Square Colosseum as it is made from 6 rows of 9 arches and thought to be inspired by the Colosseum.  This is thought to represent the letters in Benito Mussolini's name as a constant reminder of himself and his policies. 

For all Mussolini's faults, he did build this area with a vision for the future. The roads are all very wide allowing ample space for cars and on street parking even though cars weren't as common at the time. The main buildings were built far apart to allow housing to be built inbetween so businesses and housing were close together; unlike the historical city plan of having the businesses all concentrated in the middle and then the housing sprawling outside the area. 

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