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Monday, 8 September 2014

T is for Trastevere

This is one of my favourite areas of Rome, especially at night when it comes alive. The restaurants spill out on to the streets, the waiters flurry around, the odd man plays the harmonica and the smells of equsit Italian cooking pour out of the restaurants. The area has become touristy but it's charm can still be seen. I would defiantly recommend going out for a meal here and after finding a bar. One restaurant that I frequented was called Carlo Menta pizzas here were £3 for a margaretia and pretty decent. For someone on a budget (like me!) this is a great restaurant. I like how the tables are all in rows and close together to you can talk to the people around you; locals and tourists alike. However, from experience I wouldn't order the bruschetta or lasagna but the other dishes are really good! 

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