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Monday, 6 September 2010

The First Post!

Hello there fellow bakers!

This is going to be the first ever post on ‘Nuala’s Kitchen’. (I better make it good!)

So as you can guess from the blogs name, it is a blog aimed at other enthusiastic bakers like me. It includes cooking challenges, recipes and tales from the things I have attempted to bake. Hopefully you will feel inspired to have a go at some of the recipes on this blog and give me some feedback!

Like many other Brits I am hooked on the Great British Bake Off (Tuesday, BBC 2 9pm). After watching the program I felt inspired to have a go at some of the technical bakes. I had a go at producing the Scones and the Victoria Sponge.  I then set myself the challenge of producing an afternoon tea, which I could include (Mary Berry’s) Victoria Sponge, (Paul Hollywood’s) Scones and (Jonathan’s) Iced Lemon Buns. I will also make meringues cover in chocolate with whipped cream and coffee and walnut cupcakes. This would give me another chance to have a go at baking these, and try to perfect my mistakes.

My reservations are I have never cooked meringues, and my scones have a tendency to rise unevenly! HELP!! I followed the general advice of only egg washing the top and not the sides as the egg prevents to rising of the scone which causes uneven rising. I was very careful not to let this happen, but they still rose unevenly. I thought that it might be the oven as the temperature could be uneven, or the way I cut out the scones. On my next attempt I will try to change the way I prepare the scones and use a different oven, and see if this works.   

One last thing: Should I set my self a time limit? The contestants in the Great British Bake Off had 6 hours to complete an array of Petit Four. (Petit Four is an arrange of meringues, éclairs and macaroons) And I leave this, with an open end question!

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