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Monday, 13 September 2010

The Tea Party

What fun the day was!

So, yesterday I prepared a tea party. I personally really enjoy the idea and the eating of a tea party. As you can probably tell I have a sweet tooth, so it is very appealing to me.

Meringues, scones, and cupcake
Firstly I made the meringues. The mixture did not hold in peaks when I piped it, so the meringues were blobs! Besides that they looked really good and I drizzled them with chocolate and put cream in the middle. It was my first time but I was quite impressed with the results.

Next I attempted the scones (Paul Hollywoods Recipe) and Lemon iced buns. The scones rose beautifully and where quite straight in their rising. I was very impressed. I had a fear of cooking the scones in the aga so I cooked half in the aga and the other half in the oven. Amazingly the ones in the aga turned out the best. The Lemon Iced Buns where a different story altogether. The turned out rubbery and hard on the outside and dense and sticky in the middle. The only up shoot was that they tasted very lemony!

The Coffee and Pecan cupcakes and Victoria Sponge where very tasty and rose like little fairies!

Coffee and Pecan Cupcake

Victoria Sponge

A Scone filled with cream and jam!

Scones and Merigues

Reciepes comming soon . . . 

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