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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Chocolate Caliente (pronounced: chock-o-LAHT-tey cal-ee-ent-aye.)

One of my biggest memories from Spain is the Chocolate Caliente (Hot chocolate).

Some would say I had a 'Goldilocks' experience. I tried many different hot chocolates; from the thin 'Cola Cao' (a powder that you mix into hot milk) to the really thick hot chocolate that is served with Churros. For me, my favorite would be a drink with a consistency somewhere in the middle of those two; thicker than the Cola Cao, but thinner than the 'Churros hot chocolate'.

Side note: Churros is fried dough covered in sugar- similar to a doughnut. These are dipped into a very thick chocolate drink. They are very easy to make, but they need to be shallow fried.

Churros and hot chocolate

In my kitchen I wanted to create a chocolate drink that was easy to make, and had my desired thickness. After a lot of research on the Internet into different types of chocolate and gathering recipes,  I chose 3 main chocolate:
    1. Cocoa powder 
    2. Chocolate a la taza (a Spanish chocolate that has starch in it)
    3. Dark chocolate

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