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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Martha Stewart's Brownies made with Margarine

Martha's Brownies wrapped in a bow

After reading Marry Berry's Brownie recipe which uses margarine. I wanted to try another recipe that originally use butter so I could substitute it with margarine to see how this effected the texture of the brownies.

I decided to use Martha Stewart's recipe. I followed Martha Stewart's recipe the same as before when I made it with butter but substituted the butter with margarine.

 After cooking the brownies I found that when they came out of the oven there wasn't the same cracked top. Also the texture was very different. These brownies were more gooey and cakey inside and not chewy like the ones made with butter.

Martha's Brownies with a Daffodil
Overall I preferred Martha Stewart's brownies made with the butter due to the more chewy texture which I preferred for brownies.

Even though I didn't love the brownies  . . . I still had fun photographing them!


  1. WOW! I really love the photos and the colours!Did you take them? My mouth is watering for a brownie now! So far which Brownie recipe would you suggest for dense and fudgy brownies?

  2. Hi! Yes I took all the photos. I would sugest the Baker's Manual brownies for dense and fudgyness.
    Thanks for commenting!