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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Road to the Perfect Chocolate Brownie

Brownies are an all time favorite. Everybody has their own personal favorite type of brownie; from cakey to fudgy to chewy. The basic brownie recipe ingredients are butter, sugar, eggs, flour and most importantly chocolate.

I have so many different brownie recipes so I thought I would start a quest to find the perfect recipe. I couldn't narrow my perfect brownie recipe to one as there are so many different types. I decided to find the best recipe for each type of brownie; fudgy, cakey and chewy. The first thing I needed to do was look at the science behind a Brownie. This would initially help me separate my recipes into the three categories.

Fudgy brownies have a minim amount of flour and no leaving (such as baking powder). The butter is melted rather than cream as this gives a denser brownie.

Cakey brownies usually have a low butter content but a higher flour content and include baking powder. This makes the brownie softer and lighter. The butter and sugar is creamed together, which adds air to the mixture and causes the brownies to rise higher.

Chewy brownies normally include a mixture of chocolate contents and have an extra egg and have a high sugar content.

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