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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Brownie Recipe: Trail 2

So I made the Brownies from trail 1. I was a little disappointed, but it was only my first test recipe so I couldn't expect to much!

When I made the brownies I beat the eggs and sugar quite a bit which gave the mixture air, so it rose slightly. With hindsight this was not the correct thing to do as it made the brownies have a cakey texture instead of the desired fudgy and chewy texture. The brownies took 50 minutes to cook, which was a very long time!When the brownies came out of the oven the middle sunk slightly - again not a good sign!

Next was to taste the brownie. The flavour of the brownie was very good. The texture in the middle of the brownies were more like a flour less sponge, then a brownie. But at the edges the desired chewy texture was achieved. From this I think the sugar content and chocolate content are correct.

Trail 2
Butter - I increased the amount of butter slightly from 110g to 150g. To make a cakey brownie a low butter content is needed. I did not want cakey brownies so increased the butter content to move away from that.
Eggs - To make a chewy brownie there should be an extra egg to the recipe, which I have already added. I was going to add another egg which would hopefully help make the brownies more chewy (4 eggs in total).
Sugar - I felt that the previous brownies had enough sugar so wanted to keep the same proportions. I therefore increase the sugar to 400g so there was 100g of sugar per egg.
Chocolate - The flavour of the brownies was very good, so I am not going to alter the amount of chocolate but keep it at 200g.
Plain Flour - I did not like the flour less chocolate cake texture of the previous brownies, so I increased the amount of flour to 100g.

As I said above beating the sugar and eggs was a mistake due it adding air to the mixture which causes the brownies to rise. Therefore I was going to just mix the sugar and eggs until incorporated, and try to keep any mixing at a minim. This should make the brownies more fudgy and chewy and not cakey. Except from that alteration the rest of the method I kept the same.

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