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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Brownie Recipe: Trail 1

Well I feel as though I have eaten and examined a lot of Brownie recipes and so now it was time to create my own recipe. So far, my favourite recipe for fudgy brownies was the Baker's Manual's Recipe, for cakey brownies the Mary Berry's recipe and for chewy brownies the Lowey recipe. After testing out the different recipe I wanted to follow the method of melting the butter and chocolate, whisking the sugar and eggs and then folding the ingredients together with the flour.

I decided to take aspects from each of the recipes to start testing out different combinations of the 5 main ingredients; butter, sugar, chocolate, eggs and plain flour.

For my first test recipe I added the same amount of butter (110g) and plain flour (75g) as Lowey's orginal recipe, but alter the amount of sugar, chocolate and eggs. The low flour and butter content is suppose to make the brownies fudgy, which I really like! To make the brownies chewy an extra egg was added and there was a high sugar content. I therefore increased the amount of sugar from 225g to 300g which works out similare to Martha Stewart's proportion of eggs to sugar. Stewarts was around 150g of sugar to each egg whereas I chose to use 100g of sugar for each egg. I don't really have any guidlines on how much chocolate to add, but wanted to have a high amount to give the brownies a rich flavour. So I am going to take a flyer and add 200g as the chocolate I like to buy comes in 200g bars!

Well I have figured out the recipe so now all I need to do is try it! Wish me luck!

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